The smart way to wear green.

Here at Rambler’s Way Farm, we’re wearing a different kind of green. It’s nearly time to introduce the Spring 2015 Collection and we’ve got the sustainable-kind-of-green on our minds.

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Milltown America Part II

Consumers who buy locally grown and made products are rebuilding their local economies and cultures.

Milltown America Part II

Uxbridge has been recognized by Congress as a unique region of American heritage because of its numerous textile mills, colonial architecture, and New England culture. 

American Heritage Part II

I know what a textile mill looks like, smells like, and sounds like. And I know what the mill worker cares about because I worked with them.

American Heritage Part I

Kate’s story is of a typical New England family that built the industry that built the town that built America.

Rambling in Wales

After selling Tom’s of Maine we went on a 2 week hike across Wales’ countryside.  It was during this time that I thought there had to be a better way to stay warm and dry.  It was shortly after this that the seed was sewn for wool from American Sheep.

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