Made in America



Fully Integrated Vertical American Supply
Sheep to shirt. Field to fabric. Straight to you. The Ramblers Way supply chain is All-American, start to finish. Unsatisfied with existing yarns and fabrics, we worked tirelessly with our partners to create a unique, innovative cloth. This pioneering roadmap is FIVAS.
We take the following steps:
1. We source our Rambouillet wool in Montana, Colorado and Nevada from first-hand partnerships with ethical ranchers. Our Pima Cotton comes from the San Joaquin Valley in California. 
2. The next series of stops take our long-staple fibers through the hands of textile experts in North and South Carolina who clean, spin and knit this amazing, superfine fiber into fabric.
3. We take these superfine, lightweight fabrics to Chicago to be cut and sewn, i.e. made, into garments. 
4. Our apparel makes its last stop at our home office in Maine for final quality inspection. Because sustainability is important to us, certain garments are naturally dyed at our own facility in Kennebunk. 
Out of this fully integrated vertical American supply (FIVAS) comes uncompromising innovation that weaves together people, planet and community. The very fabric of our garments is an expression of interconnectivity. It’s more than our practice - it is our art.
The next step to make this work will be the one you take in supporting Ramblers Way Farm. It is our hope that you’ll come to us to build your wardrobe with pieces that speak to you in quality, construction and care. 


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