Sustainable Clothing, Made in America

Our product sustainability begins with the overall concept of working exclusively with renewable materials.

What makes our all natural wool comfortwear sustainable?

American Wool from american ranchers

We buy our wool from the same ranchers year after year, creating a living for them and keeping their land as open space. As we grow, we will increase the number of ranches seeking to do business with us in America.

By working with Rambouillet ranchers in America, we help propagate one of the finest breeds in the world for superfine wool fiber and we avoid the harmful effect of carbon emissions necessary for global transportation from such wool centers as China and Australia.

Environmentally responsible manufacturing

Our manufacturing partners adhere to sound ecological principles using wind energy and responsible, effective waste water technology.

We have intentionally selected our manufacturing partners both for their technological capacity to handle the demands of fine, long fibers and because they are contained in a small geographic area to minimize carbon emissions in transport between them.

All Natural Dyes

We color some of our garments with renewable, all natural dyes from herbal extracts.

Our commitment to work with nature drives us to find solutions in color from plant dyes, like Madder, Indigo, Logwood, Chestnut, Pomegranate, Cutch and Osage.

Our master dyer brings years of experience with blends of these plant dye extracts to create the vibrant and lasting colors of Indigo, Pewter, Madder Red, Charcoal Brown, and Sage.

The process requires hands-on, artisan care and a makeshift approach for commercial scale quantities. It’s beautiful, fun, and easy on the environment. 

Quality that lasts

Ramblers Way products are sustainable too for their agelessness. Wool lasts and lasts, requires very little washing because of its odor absorption and antimicrobial quality, and has many uses.

On our American Farms

For our Sheep

In our Manufacturing

For the Community


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