Inspired Summer Dressing for Men

For our men’s spring/summer collection, our designers were inspired by the guy who craves a classic and sophisticated look, while still leaning casual. He’s traveling the world but also happy at home, enjoying places like a lake in rural Maine — one of our chief inspirations, right in our backyard. What makes Ramblers Way men’s summer style easy yet polished?


First, it’s linen. A lot of linen. Ramblers Way linen is imported from quality makers in Biella, Italy, which is famous for its high-end tailored fabrics. Linen’s lightweight breathability not only makes it an easy summer staple, but a great travel fabric. All of these qualities made linen the easy choice for our Garda Linen Shorts and our Brad Short-Sleeved Linen Shirt.
Men's Linen Garda Shorts

Patterns Are Back

Second, it’s the comeback of patterns. Our designers saw a comeback in plaids, subtle dots and more, and wanted to put a Ramblers Way spin on it, with patterns like the Blue Dot above in the Brad Short-Sleeved Linen Shirt. They sourced jewel-tone plaids inspired by cabin weekends in Maine and used them in items like the Brad Long-Sleeved Linen Shirt. For a different, more fashion-forward look, they also created a Red Floral Brad Short-Sleeved Cotton Shirt. And by the way, all our button-down shirts are made in New England.

The Crossover Wardrobe

Third, it’s the ease of putting it all together with a crossover wardrobe. Most men aren’t wearing suits to work anymore, so they need items that can go to the office and beyond with a simple rolled sleeve or untucking. Everything for our summer collection was designed to do double duty. Back to linen — it works equally well during the day under a blazer as it does on its own for a more casual feel.

Like all Ramblers Way clothing, these summer favorites are skillfully crafted here in America — and we’re having a sale on some of them right now, right here.
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