We’re Embracing Wool for Spring, And You Should Too

What is the first word that comes to mind when you think of wool?

Some of the most common words we’ve heard – itchy, sheep, warmth, heavy, cozy – conjure up an image that doesn’t feel much like spring and instead, more like a bulky sweater you might wear on a cold winter day.

Here at Ramblers Way, we can’t wait for spring so we can continue wearing our wool. Our surprisingly soft, ultra lightweight wool can be comfortably worn 365 days a year, especially in the warmer months. Here’s what makes it a great fabric for spring.

Wool Rules, Even When It’s Warm

Don’t let the warmer temperatures of spring fool you. Wool doesn’t have to be brought out just for winter. The wool that we use to produce our clothing is perfectly suited for sunnier days.

Did you know that wool absorbs moisture and wicks it away? It’s true. Wool is naturally breathable, so moisture doesn’t build up, and it is naturally moisture wicking, so sweat is transported away from your skin to keep you dry. Imagine wearing wool and feeling cool and comfortable while having a picnic in the park or indulging in other springtime activities.

Worried about odor with rising temperatures? No need – wool is naturally bacteriostatic, which means when you perspire, wool can actually stop the bacteria in sweat from reproducing. Those bacteria carry odor, so bad smells don’t actually form in the first place. Go for a hike on your favorite trail in the morning and continue on with your day in the afternoon without having to change clothes.

So you can see just how great wool can be. What’s special about Ramblers Way wool is how lightweight it is -- our ultra lightweight 4 oz. jersey knit wool, which is less than 140 g/sq. meter, can be worn next to your skin. By taking superfine, long-staple fibers and spinning them parallel to each other, we create a worsted yarn, which is a long-lasting, clean and tightly knit yarn that feels surprisingly soft. For us, clothing should be both wearable and comfortable. And wool definitely checks those boxes, especially in the spring and summer.

Okay, so you’re ready to give Spring wool a try? We like our women’s Organic Wool Sleeveless Swing Dress and our men’s Wool Henley – cool, casual and versatile pieces that can be worn throughout spring and into summer.

Test Out the Wonders of Wool

Feeling a little more curious about wool? Try some out for the spring! Check back with us soon for our newest styles of the season, but in the meantime you can preview our current women’s and men’s wool items.
Wool Henley - Additional Colors
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