• Premium Quality
  • American-made
  • Social + environmental responsibility
  • Transparency
  • Community

These are the values we live by, and by which we operate Ramblers Way. For people, flower and fauna.

Premium Quality.

Our commitment to quality, from the materials we use, to the skills of our seamstresses, to the personal inspection of every yard of fabric we produce ensures we’re making clothes that you can keep in your wardrobe for years to come.


100% of our clothing is American-made, which creates local jobs and minimizes shipping costs and environmental impacts. When possible, our wool and cotton are sourced from the U.S., too.

Social + Environmental Responsibility.

Like you, we do our best to live for today with an eye on tomorrow. With a focus on constant improvement, we work hard to ensure we’re caring for and protecting our planet – and the people who live on it – every day. Our partners know our values and we work together to be respectful of the land, the sheep and the people.


We’re all on this journey together, and we like to share what’s behind our skillfully crafted clothing.  Ramblers Way is always learning, always improving and always interested in your ideas. Share them with us at customerservice@ramblersway.com.

Giving Back.

For good and for profit: we believe they go hand-in-hand.

Ramblers Way is committed to a high standard of ethics in every aspect of our business. From how the sheep are cared for, to how the clothing is produced, to how we operate the organization, we depend on a set of lifelong values and a deep respect for the natural world.

I love to make the impossible feel possible, while still being grounded in my fundamental values of people, community and nature.
- Tom -

Consuming Less, Stewarding More

We purposefully and thoughtfully create timeless essentials because we are committed to encouraging our customers to lead a lifestyle that consumes less.

We look first to natural resources to make our skillfully crafted clothing. We seek animal fibers: wool, alpaca, cashmere and silk, and cellulosic fibers: cotton, linen, tencel and modal.

We source renewable, natural fibers and raw materials based upon the inherent beneficial properties they provide our clothing, inspired by natural performance.

If we can’t satisfy customer preference for an attribute like performance or durability, we may choose to blend with a man-made fiber, in the smallest amount necessary.

Responsibly Sourced

Whenever possible, we establish face-to-face relationships with the producers and processors within our supply chain.

We maintain a holistic view of the interrelation of our clothing, supply chain and the environmental and social footprint of both. We strive to make products that are fully traceable from farm to fabric to fashion.

We utilize internationally recognized standards for sustainable and responsible fiber and textile production, such as Textile Exchange’s Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). 
We strive to make the most efficient use of the resources in our manufacturing process in order to reduce waste.

We capture, reclaim and repurpose the byproducts of our manufacturing.

We utilize recycled and repurposed materials. We may choose to source remnant/leftover fabrics to meet our immediate clothing production needs instead of larger scale production of new fabrics that require a greater commitment of resources.

Organic: Made with 100% Organic Fabric

While we are no longer able to source 100% of our wool from the United States, there’s no compromise on the quality of wool nor on the higher commitment to our communities and natural world. We’ll continue to source wool from the United States whenever we can, and support initiatives like the Responsible Wool Standard to grow the supply of superfine, responsibly grown wool. Finally, we are completely committed to clothing made in America, with American hands and American know-how, in American factories.

Lifelong Values

We strive to use American resources whenever possible.

We are an independent, family-owned company. We use our autonomy to think constructively about the ways we may apply sustainability to our activities.

We are entrepreneurial. We use our values to innovate solutions.

We will provide a safe, healthy and supportive work environment for our employees where they may earn a living wage, be provided with health care and enjoy flexible working hours.

We give our time, talent and resources to support environmental conservation, human need, arts and education organizations.