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Cotton Camisole STYLE #9604S-SN

5oz | Medium Weight | Rib Knit | Sleeveless | Fitted

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An all-purpose camisole for all-the-time wear. It feels great underneath any top and looks equally as chic when worn alone. 5 oz Pima cotton offers exceptional comfort and quality that holds up, wash after wash. 

100% Pima Cotton Grown & Sewn in America

100% USA Made

Color :
Sail Navy
Wild Rose
Black Fish
Black Frog
Black Starfish
Navy Fish
Navy Frog
Navy Starfish
Red/Rose Fish
Red/Rose Frog
Red/Rose Starfish
White Fish
White Frog
White Starfish


Benefits Of Pima Cotton

Commonly called ‘the cashmere of cotton,’ Pima Cotton is known for its softness and durability. Pima Cotton has a wide range of benefits for wherever your adventure takes you.



Long staple Pima cotton was developed by the Pima Indians of the American Southwest and is a superlative cotton yarn and fabric known for its fineness and durability.



Similar to Egyptian Cotton, Pima Cotton is the highest quality cotton available domestically and produces high-quality, versatile clothes that go from office to outdoors.



Cotton breathes better than oil based synthetic fabrics like polyester, so it’s the perfect thing to wear from office to outdoors.



While synthetic fabrics are manufactured with chemicals, cotton is a natural fabric that does not irritate the skin and is often recommended for people with sensitive skin.



Pima Cotton is an all-natural fiber that is entirely renewable and sustainable.


Responsibly and skillfully crafted for long-lasting comfort, Ramblers Way Pima cotton clothing is grown and sewn entirely in America.


Long-Staple Fiber

Long-staple Pima cotton was developed by the Pima Indians of the American Southwest. Ramblers Way Pima cotton is grown in California’s San Joaquin Valley using pesticide-free and low water growing methods.


Surprisingly Soft Fabric

Commonly called the ‘cashmere of cotton,’ Pima cotton is known for its softness and durability. We start with extra-long fibers that are spun into fine, strong yarns to make our unique 4 and 5.5 ounce Jersey knits, Rib knits and French Terry fabrics.


Responsibly Dyed

We use a direct dye process that is water soluble. Our partners are responsible in how they treat their wastewater.



100% Machine Washable + Tumble Dry Low

We’ve made our garments easy to care for so you can be outside on the trail rather than inside doing laundry. Proper care will ensure you enjoy your Ramblers Way clothing for years to come. Hand washing or dry cleaning is not necessary unless otherwise indicated. For best results:


Use gentle cycle in cool water

Use mild detergent; no bleach or fabric softener

Wash like colors together

Tumble dry low and reshape to original dimensions.

Gently press to remove excess water. Do not wring or twist; handle gently to avoid wrinkles and distortion

Iron at a very cool temperature with a cloth on top, if necessary

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