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Managing Upside Down - by Tom Chappell STYLE #TCManage

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Chappell is a founder and CEO of Tom's of Maine, a company that makes toothpaste and other personal-care products from all-natural ingredients. He started the company nearly 30 years ago with a $5,000 loan, and now it is worth more than $25 million.

Chappell believes that companies should be first accountable not to shareholders but to employees, customers, and the environment. When companies heed "the spirit," the bottom line will take care of itself! He spelled out this philosophy in The Soul of a Business: Managing for Profit and the Common Good (1993) and now repeats his message.

This time, though, he details seven steps--or intentions--that companies should follow: connect to the power of goodness, know thyself, envision your destiny, seek advice, venture out, constantly assess, and share! Chappell argues that most companies must reorient themselves to take these steps, and he advises what sort of leadership is necessary to do so.

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